EST-Floattech launches new battery designs

EST-Floattech launches new battery designs


Three new battery modules from EST-Floattech will be available

Battery system provider EST-Floattech has launched a new series of battery designs, along with a new Octopus Series battery management system. 

“We see the market both emerging and growing,” said Diederick Stam, chief technology officer at EST-Floattech. “Sustainable power solutions are becoming accepted and here and there electrically powered vessels are coming into service. As a result, you see more and more differentiation in the applications needed by shipowners and shipbuilders, not only for direct propulsion, but also for equipment, machinery and peak performance and endurance needs.” 

High Energy NMC, High Power NMC and High Energy LFP modules are available. High Energy NMC batteries are designed for long-duration and large-scale battery installations and can be used in systems requiring between 100 kilowatt hours and several megawatt hours of power. These typically include medium- and large-sized ships sailing electrically up to 8 hours. 

High Power NMC modules deliver large amounts of power but with limited energy storage, which results in shorter charging times. This solution brings less cost and requires less onboard installation space and is suitable for ferries able to charge regularly for short crossings. 

Also, the High Energy LFP system can be used for application in which a large amount of space is available. The design does not require cobalt, cutting its cost and reducing the usage of scarce materials. 

The new Octopus Series battery management system will be provided alongside the modules and will provide an interface between the battery and its required application. The system will offer remote monitoring, diagnostics, and servicing. 

“I am extremely proud of the history of our company and the future and further growth that the company is facing,” said Hans Visser, CEO at EST-Floattech. “The Octopus Series is another big step towards zero-emission shipping.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
13 September 2021

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