Ducasse Conseil catering centre to revamp Ponant's onboard menus

French cruise line aims to offer new culinary concepts and higher quality meals
Ducasse Conseil catering centre to revamp Ponant's onboard menus

By Rebecca Gibson |

French cruise line Ponant is to reimagine the culinary options onboard its ships with the help of the Ducasse Conseil catering centre run by Alain Ducasse Enterprise.

Together, the companies will create new culinary concepts and audit and train all of the company’s chefs to ensure the cruise line provides high-quality meals and customer service in the restaurants onboard its cruise vessels.

“This collaboration will raise Ponant’s culinary standards to a new level to better meet the highest expectations of our very discerning French and international passengers,” said Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, the company’s CEO.

Carole Pourchet, managing director of Alain Ducasse Entreprise, which runs Ducasse Conseil, said: “We will be putting the talents of all our chefs on the project, together with our expertise in onboard catering and our passion for contemporary French cuisine.”

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