Deltamarin to design three new Stena E-Flexer ferries

Deltamarin to design three new Stena E-Flexer ferries

Stena RoRo

The first new E-Flexer ferry will enter service for Marine Atlantic in 2024

Deltamarin will provide complete basic and detail design packages for three Stena E-Flexer vessels, after the company was awarded the contracts by China Merchants Jinling (CMJL) shipyard.

The E-Flexer class has been developed with a basic concept that can be adapted to different customers’ commercial and technical needs. The design work will start immediately and be carried out mainly at Deltamarin’s offices in Finland and is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

“We are extremely happy and proud to continue the strategic partnership with Stena RoRo and CMJL shipyard,” said Janne Uotila, managing director of Deltamarin. “The new orders prove that Stena E-Flexer vessels are highly valued on the client side, and the design has proven to be best of its class.”

The first vessel will be charted from Stena RoRo by a Canadian federal Crown corporation, Marine Atlantic. The vessel will have a capacity of 1,100 passengers and 2,600 lane metres and is to be equipped with LNG dual fuel engines and a battery hybrid solution. She will enter service between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in 2024.

The second and third vessels will be chartered by Brittany Ferries. Both ships will have capacity for 1,400 people but will differ in the total lane metres and the lane metres intended for use by cars. The vessels will be equipped for LNG operation, as well as being able to use fuels such as biogas or ammonia. They will also be equipped with a battery hybrid solution with a maximum capacity of 10-megawatt hours that can be used for propulsion and manoeuvring in port, which can be charged using an eight-megawatt electric shore connection.

The vessels will be delivered in 2024 and 2025 and will operate on routes from Portsmouth in the UK to Ouistreham and St. Malo in France.

“We are pleased to continue the successful cooperation with Deltamarin,” said Mei Zhong Hua, general manager of CMJL. “The collaboration between our two companies has always been smooth and we have been satisfied with the quality of work in these demanding projects. We look forward to working together and providing Stena RoRo with these modern and energy-efficient ro-pax vessels.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
23 August 2021

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