Delivering unparalleled cruise expertise

Suppliers like MacGregor are quickly becoming partners who can help cruise lines develop their ships
Delivering unparalleled cruise expertise
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MacGregor supplied the equipment for the Magic Carpet on Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Edge

By Mats Olsson |

With the latest estimates indicating that there are around 160 cruise and expedition ships on order, the outlook is bright for the cruise industry’s technology partners. One such partner is MacGregor, which acquired TTS Group’s marine and offshore business in 2019 and now provides doors, platforms, mooring systems, cranes, winches and other equipment to shipyards. The key driver for its success is that it gets involved at the early stages of every project.

For example, when MacGregor acted as the equipment supplier for the Magic Carpet on Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Edge, it collaborated closely with the naval architect and the yard two years before delivery. This helped the company to achieve maximum design impact for the cantilevered Magic Carpet, which moves between different decks throughout the day.

The company took a similar approach when it participated in the project to develop the North Star on Royal Caribbean International’s first Quantum-class vessel in 2015. The company provided proven technology including 100% power unit redundancy, a diesel emergency pack and a stabiliser system to reduce sway when the crane-hoisted gondola is lifted 91 metres above sea level to give guests panoramic views.

MacGregor has proven itself as an ideal technical partner in terms of innovation and sustainability. With next-generation cruise ships heading for new destinations, cruise ship owners and operators need their technical partners to be involved at the early stages of the design project to ensure they can provide advanced hardware and software that meets regulatory requirements and improves sustainability. For example, Polar-class ships often sail in highly regulated environments, which influences the type of watertight doors and the materials that can be used. To address this, MacGregor markets its own range of eco-friendly lubrication oils for shell doors. The company has also been developing all-electric equipment which is less noisy and less prone to hydraulic oil spills.

Vessel operators now recognise that their technology partners can help them optimise features before they begin construction. Whether delivering big-ticket attractions that work safely at sea or new offerings that make remote destinations accessible, these companies are in safe and experienced hands with MacGregor.

Mats Olsson is the cruise ship business development manager at MacGregor

This article was first published in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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