Crystal Endeavor to use sonar technology from FarSounder

Crystal Endeavor to use sonar technology from FarSounder
Crystal Endeavor will use FarSounder''s technology to safely navigate waters in the Philippines and remote regions (Image: Crystal Cruises)

FarSounder is to provide its underwater forward-looking sonar technology for Crystal Expedition Cruises’ first-ever luxury expedition yacht, Crystal Endeavor, which will debut in 2020.

Currently under construction at the MV Werften’s shipyard in Germany, the all-suite Crystal Endeavor will be equipped with FarSounder 1000 Series sonars, which will provide real-time, three-dimensional images of the terrain up to 1,000 metres ahead of the vessel at a depth of up to 50 metres. The technology, which has a mapping range that is up to eight times the water’s depth, will enable Crystal Endeavor’s captain and bridge officers to detect potential hazards and sea life far in advance and navigate around it.

FarSounder’s technology also operates in shallower depths, which will allow the captain to safely navigate unchartered waters, so Crystal Endeavor can sail in rarely visited areas.

“It is imperative that every element of Crystal Endeavor be designed with precision and careful foresight, always keeping the safety of our guests and the respectful navigation of the waters we sail as the top priority,” said Peter Andersson, vice president of newbuilding at Genting Cruise Lines, Crystal Cruises’ parent company. “The FarSounder technology equips us to do exactly that, and then some, as Crystal Endeavor navigates uncharted waters around the world. The data and capabilities provided by the programme will not only inform our captain and officers of important navigational data, but also provide insights that will enrich the journey for our guests.”

Following her launch in 2020, Crystal Endeavor will sail expeditions through Antarctica via the Ross Sea; Japan and the Russian Far East; Borneo, Indonesia and the Philippines; New Zealand and Tasmania; and Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. 

In 2021, the vessel will operate itineraries to Alaska and the Aleutian Islands; Norway and the UK; Canary Islands, Atlantic and South America; and New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands. In addition, she will sail a voyage through the rarely travelled Northeast Passage.

“FarSounder is honoured to be a part of Crystal Endeavor,” said Cheryl Zimmerman, CEO of FarSounder. “This luxury expedition vessel demands the best of everything, including the best safety equipment available. FarSounder sonars have led the way to the furthest southern point in the Antarctic ever travelled by a cruise ship. Now we look forward to our sonars aiding Crystal Endeavor’s captain and crew on their journeys to the farthest reaches of the world.”

Read more about FarSounder's sonar technology in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review. 

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
17 July 2019

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