Crystal Cruises bans plastic straws on all ships

Crystal Cruises bans plastic straws on all ships
Drinks will now be served without plastic straws (Image: Crystal Cruises)

Plastic straws have been banned onboard Crystal Cruises’ two ocean ships, five river vessels and its cruise yacht to help reduce the cruise line’s environmental impact.

Paper straws were introduced in dining venues onboard all existing ships on 8 June and they will automatically be used on any new vessels.

“Crystal has always recognised that the world we travel is precious and deserving of our utmost care, and that all measures contributing to the preservation of our marine environments can make a significant impact,” said Tom Wolber, Crystal’s president and CEO. “This initiative, as well as the others under our Crystal Cares programme, ensure that we are continuing our focus of caring for our world in meaningful ways.”

Replacing plastic straws with paper alternatives is the latest initiative in the Crystal Cares programme, which focuses on increasing environmental sustainability. Other initiatives in the programme include implementing recycling initiatives, using energy-efficient equipment onboard its ships, following water conservation protocols and using water filtration systems to produce still and sparkling drinking water in dining rooms to minimise the use of plastic bottles. Where possible, Crystal also aims to part with organisations and vendors who adhere to responsible environmental and sustainability practices.

Crystal Cruises also has an OceanWatch programme, which has recently been expanded with a partnership between the cruise line and ORCA, a conservation organisation dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises. As part of this, ‘Cruise Conservationists’ will join select Alaska voyages for training, research and data collection.

In addition, the company offers ‘You Care, We Care” voluntourism excursions for guests and crew, allowing them to assist organisations and local communities in select ports of call.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
11 June 2019

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