Cruise Saudi becomes member of MedCruise association

The company announced its membership at the 59th MedCruise General Assembly

Cruise Saudi becomes member of MedCruise association

Mohammed Alorabi/Unsplash

Cruise Saudi is responsible for the development of Saudi Arabian ports such as Jeddah (pictured)

By Alex Smith |

Cruise Saudi, a company established to develop Saudi Arabia’s cruise industry, has joined the MedCruise association. 

Launched in 2021 at the Future Investment Initiative, Cruise Saudi is responsible for the development of ports at Saudi destinations as well as scaling cruise services, from marketing to shorex coordination and vessel operations. The company announced its membership at the 59th MedCruise General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, where it was formally welcomed into the association.  

“Cruise Saudi is proud to join the ranks of the most distinguished cruise industry stakeholders operating in the Mediterranean and adjoining seas that MedCruise counts among its members,” said Fawaz Farooqui, managing director of Cruise Saudi. “As we continue to expand our itineraries, we look forward to building new partnerships that will enable us to expand our footprint and explore new opportunities for ports to call at around the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf in Saudi:” 

MedCruise comprises 140 member ports located in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas, along with 34 associate members made up of organisations in the industry such as tourist boards and ship and port agents. It provides networking, promotional and professional development opportunities.

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