Crafting a design vision: a discussion with Isadora Cordazzo

Alex Smith discovers how outfitter Gerolamo Scorza used its extensive expertise to create spaces for Oceania Cruises’ Oceania Vista 

Crafting a design vision: a discussion with Isadora Cordazzo

Gerolamo Scorza

By Alex Smith |

Gerolamo Scorza has been working onboard ships since it was founded in 1898, beginning by providing carpentry services for wooden vessels and moving to naval refit and refurbishment after World War II. Now part of Genova Industrie Navali Group, it brings more than a century’s worth of craftsmanship to its cruise ship projects, as Isadora Cordazzo, the company’s administrative and technical officer, explains. 

“Our multidisciplinary and highly skilled team is capable of carrying out ad-hoc studies on turnkey projects, which are then developed into architectural and engineering aspects,” says Cordazzo. “During the construction phase, we use our expertise in combining traditional craft processes with advanced tools and machines to manufacture wall panels, furniture, doors and decking, allowing us to meet high demands from shipowners and shipyards for their newbuild and refurbishment projects.” 

One such project was Oceania Cruises’ first Allura-class ship, Oceania Vista, which was designed by Miami-based firm Studio DADO. Gerolamo Scorza was involved in the outfitting of public stairs and toilets onboard the vessel, as well as technical spaces such as the wheelhouse, engine control room and offices.  

“The client was looking to meet travellers’ expectations by creating an inventive and exquisite ambience,” says Cordazzo. “Glamour is the mark of distinction in Oceania Vista’s public areas. There’s a blend of prestigious interior decor that showcases a lively palette of colours and materials and innovatively designed open deck spaces.” 

Gerolamo Scorza followed this vision by delivering a design that is intended to evoke a sense of adventure and elegance. 

“The imaginative interior design, enriched with touches of gold and nautical-inspired furnishings, takes guests on a journey of discovery,” says Cordazzo. “Eye-catching light fixtures are combined with highly textured materials. Travellers are welcomed in, surrounded by a unique ambience in spaces furnished with gorgeous design solutions, from marble and glass to wood. The public toilets, meanwhile, feature unique fixtures and sophisticated furnishings that make them feel comfortable and chic.” 

Gerolamo Scorza collaborated with Oceania Cruises throughout the process, creating a mock-up of its proposed design in its production area for the cruise line to approve. 

“We strive to fulfil customer expectations and deliver high-level design concepts like these,” says Cordazzo. “Achieving beauty was a common purpose on this project, and Gerolamo Scorza was able to deliver with a wide range of design solutions incorporating antique and modern touches.” 

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