Collaboration is crucial for Kudos Dsign

Pia Litokorpi from Kudos Dsign outlines the process of designing Wasaline’s Aurora Botnia for Elly Yates-Roberts

Collaboration is crucial for Kudos Dsign
The design of the Pub reflects the honest simplicity of life in the Bothnia region

For Kudos Dsign CEO and founder Pia Litokorpi, delivering an impressive interior design involves incorporating elements of the environment in which a ship will be sailing and close customer collaboration. The company’s Nordic touch is visible in most of the spaces onboard Wasaline’s Aurora Botnia, from the passenger cabins and corridors, to the main public areas such as the restaurants and retail outlets. The interiors were inspired by the natural simplicity of the Bothnia region.

“We’ve chosen materials that reflect the area and also fit with our mutual sustainable values,” she explains. “For example, some of the carpets onboard are made from discarded fishing nets. These environmentally friendly materials and displays of a local photographer’s work have enabled us to bring the nature of the Bothnia archipelago onboard.”

To ensure that these spaces are both functional and beautiful, Kudos Dsign worked closely with Wasaline from the very early stages of the project – something that Litokorpi believes was essential to the project’s successful completion.

“Before any project, it’s important to get to know the customer and its business before you begin drawing,” she says. “We travelled with Wasaline on one of its other ships to identify areas that needed improving and those that we could use again on Aurora Botnia. We also held regular meetings together to implement all practical considerations in our drawings, which will ultimately ensure a long-lasting design and improve functionality and the customer experience.

“Our ability to listen to the customer and its trust in our expertise has made this project an example of good customer collaboration.”

This article was first published in the 2020 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
06 August 2020

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