CLIA survey shows continuing interest in cruising

Majority of UK consumers say they are ‘very likely or likely’ to take a cruise in the future
CLIA survey shows continuing interest in cruising
Two-thirds of those who had cruised before indicated that were likely to do so again in the next two years

By Alex Smith |

New research from Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has found that interest in cruising continues to remain strong despite the Covid-19 outbreak.

As part of CLIA’s twice-yearly research survey, 500 UK respondents who have taken an international holiday in the past two years were asked whether they were likely to take a cruise in the future.

Among those who had already cruised, 75 per cent answered that they would be ‘very likely or likely’ to take a cruise again in the next two years, a marginal drop from 79 per cent since the autumn 2019 survey. For those who have yet to cruise, 66 per cent said they were also ‘very likely or likely’ to go on a cruise at some point in the future, again showing a minimal drop from 71 per cent last autumn.

“Our findings show a remarkably small divergence in responses between these times and suggest a very modest shift in sentiment,” said Andy Harmer, director of CLIA UK and Ireland. “This could be largely due to cruise guests understanding the industry’s commitment to their health and safety. We will continue to work to earn that trust as we work through this global crisis, putting public health and safety at the heart of our response.”

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