Carnival Corporation pilots bio-digester technology

Systems will improve the food waste disposal process and environmental compliance
Carnival Corporation pilots bio-digester technology
The cruise company is piloting the bio-digester machines across 15 ships in its fleet (Image: Carnival Corporation)

By Alex Smith |

Carnival Corporation is piloting bio-digester technology across 15 of its ships to improve its food waste disposal process and environmental compliance. This will be the first time this technology has been tested onboard a cruise ship.

The bio-digester machines reduce a ship’s carbon footprint by using an aerobic digestion process that breaks down food particles into a liquid, limiting greenhouse gas emissions. They are also capable of separating small pieces of plastics and other debris from food waste, enabling sustained environmental compliance.

“Think of a food waste bio-digester as a large, stainless steel stomach that digests food waste – if you can feed it to people, you can feed it into a digester,” said Chris Donald, senior vice president of corporate environmental compliance at Carnival Corporation. “Since we serve meals to millions of guests each year, this new green technology can help us significantly reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, while also greatly improving our ability to manage non-food waste, including plastics. We have already seen positive results and significant benefits from these systems, which are technologically advanced yet simple to use.”

Carnival Corporation is testing three different bio-digestor systems, which can each assess different sets of parameters. The machines can also be placed in strategic areas around the ship such as the galley, allowing for more convenient food processing at the source.

“This investment in innovative green technology is part of a broader corporate strategy,” said Carnival Corporation’s chief ethics and compliance officer Peter Anderson. All of these efforts are part of our deep commitment to promoting safety, environmental protection and overall compliance.”

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