Brombach + Gess develops BALUSTRADEmove solution

Brombach + Gess develops BALUSTRADEmove solution
Brombach + Gess
Lightly pressing the glass causes the BALUSTRADEmove system to raise a 1.9-metre-high wind barrier

Brombach + Gess has developed a new liftable and lowerable balustrade solution for passenger ships, BALUSTRADEmove. The system can be used to upgrade existing glass balustrades or as a new installation, offering protection from the wind on outdoor restaurant terraces or sundeck areas onboard.

The movable pane is extended by lightly pressing onto the edge of the glass, causing gas pressure springs to release and push the pane upwards to create a 1.9-metre-high wind barrier. By pressing down lightly again, the pane lowers in front of the fixed balustrade glass and snaps back to its original position. The system does not require electricity to operate.

The glass can be selected in several different versions, including single glazed, laminated and tinted, and all components of the system are seawater resistant.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
09 September 2020

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