British Virgin Islands launches BVI Now app

British Virgin Islands launches BVI Now app
The BVI Now app will provide business listings and local information for guests (Image: British Virgin Islands Tourist Board)

The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission is launching a new travel app, BVI Now, which provides cruise guests and other visitors with an updated listing of businesses across the British Overseas Territory. It is believed to be the first such app in the world.

Following the damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the British Virgin Islands has faced several challenges. These include a lack of accurate maps and no comprehensive directory of the territory’s tourist businesses, as well as the fact that most tourists do not have mobile service data plans.

The BVI Now app addresses these issues by providing an updated listing of business across the territory, with verified locations and current contact information. The app also includes local tips and helpful information, with guests automatically notified when they are near a place of interest with information about that place. BVI Now is also able to operate even if the user hasn’t purchased a data plan or has lost their mobile signal.

“We invite our guests to use the BVI Now app as their gateway to discover new experiences during their stay,” said Andrew Fahie, Premier of the British Virgin Islands. “Through this app, which utilises the latest technologies, I am happy that our guests now have an avenue through which they can browse and learn about land and water-based activities, attractions, and access an array of businesses that provide the best the BVI has to offer. We believe BVI Now will enhance our guests’ experience, whether they are visiting for a day, a week, or longer.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
04 March 2020

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