BMT to design new passenger ferry for CMAL

BMT to design new passenger ferry for CMAL


The Gourock Harbour Infrastructure & Vessels Project aims to modernise the ferry service between Gourock, Dunoon and Kilcreggan

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) has awarded a contract to design and engineering firm BMT to provide consultancy services for the concept design of a new passenger ferry for the routes between the Scottish towns of Gourock, Dunoon and Kilcreggan.

The contract is part of the Gourock Harbour Infrastructure & Vessels Project, a partnership between Transport Scotland, CMAL, ferry operator CalMac, and Argyll and Bute Council. The project covers the redevelopment of Gourouck Ferry Terminal and works to the harbour infrastructures at Dunoon and Kilcreggan, along with the delivery of new passenger vessels.

“BMT has a strong track record of advanced vessel design, knowledge and experience, and has a thorough understanding of the challenges and the opportunities offered by the port infrastructure redevelopment,” said Andy Crossan, senior technical manager and projects director at CMAL. “The contract award is an important milestone in the new vessel project, which will provide much-needed investment in the ferry service for the local community and the overall vessel fleet.”

BMT and CMAL will also investigate and evaluate the possible application of energy-efficiency solutions onboard the vessels.

“BMT is committed to leading the way in designing vessels that lower the environmental impact, and we welcome the opportunity to work with CMAL to work towards increased sustainability by leveraging our deep understanding of advanced ferry design and operation,” said Sylvain Julien, director of naval architecture at BMT.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
13 January 2021

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