Austal Philippines launches shipbuilder’s largest ever ferry

Express 5 is a 115-metre high-speed catamaran under construction for Danish operator Molslinjen

Austal Philippines launches shipbuilder’s largest ever ferry


Molslinjen’s Express 5 has capacity for 1,610 passengers and 450 cars

By Alex Smith |

Austal Philippines has successfully launched the largest ferry by volume ever to be constructed by an Austal shipyard, Molslinjen’s Express 5.

The ‘Auto Express 115’ model high-speed catamaran ferry was transported onto Austal Philippines’ floating dock by a new rail-based system, the Austal Nautical Transportation System (ANTS). The system features self-drive trollies with variable geometry, allowing it to transport any hull configuration.

“The launch of Express 5 is a genuine milestone on a number of levels, as the largest ferry ever constructed by an Austal shipyard; and the first to be launched using our proprietary new vessel transport system,” said Paddy Gregg, CEO of Austal. “ANTS allows us to move any large vessel safely, securely, and efficiently – monohull, catamaran or trimaran - at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile transporters.”

Express 5 has capacity for 1,610 passengers and 450 cars over two vehicle decks. The ferry is powered by an LNG-capable medium-speed power plant and will have an operating service speed of 37 knots. Passenger areas will feature reclining seats with USB ports, Wi-Fi, a bistro and bar, a children’s play area and multiple audio-visual screens.

The catamaran was designed by the Austal Australia team and include Austal’s Motion Control and MARINELINK-Smart systems that help improve the smoothness of sailing.

The vessel will now undergo final fitting-out at Ausal Philippines and is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2023.

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