Austal Philippines delivers new ferry to Molslinjen

Express 5 has capacity for 1,610 passengers and will operate from Bornholm, Denmark

Austal Philippines delivers new ferry to Molslinjen


Moslinjen’s Express 5 at the Austal Philippines shipyard in Balamban, Cebu

By Alice Chambers |

The Austal Philippines shipyard has delivered the new Express 5 ferry to Danish ferry operator Molslinjen.

The vessel, which will operate from Bornholm, Denmark, was handed over during a delivery ceremony attended by delegates from Austal and Molslinjen.

“Express 5 is the largest vessel, by volume, that Austal has ever constructed, and to deliver this new high-speed ferry despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic over 2020-2022 and Super Typhoon Rai in 2021, is simply outstanding,” said Paddy Gregg, CEO of Austal Limited. “Despite the challenges faced, the Austal Philippines team has delivered the most impressive vessel ever to join the Molslinjen fleet.

“Our warmest congratulations to Molslinjen on the delivery of this future-ready fast ferry, with the capability to incorporate hybrid-fuel engine technology achieving lower emissions and greater economy.”

The 115-metre-long ferry has capacity for 1,610 passengers and 450 vehicles. It features leather appointed reclining seats with USB ports, Wi-Fi, a full bistro and bar, a children’s play area and multiple audio-visual screens.

Express 5 completed its sea trails in Balamban, Cebu, in the Philippines, where it achieved a top speed of 40 knots. It also provided what Gregg described as a “quiet and smooth ride” for passengers, with less noise and vibration on passenger decks due to its onboard Motion Control and Marineline-smart systems, designed by Austal.

“Express 5 is the 21st ship delivered to an overseas operator by Austal Philippines, highlighting the tremendous value added to the Philippines shipbuilding industry since 2012,” said Wayne Murray, president of Austal Philippines. “It’s fitting that our latest and greatest ship is also the largest ever delivered by an Austal shipyard, anywhere in the world – the team are rightly very proud and are to be congratulated.”  

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