APATEQ supplies scrubber water treatment technology for Scandlines

Containerised MarinePaq plant will be installed in Gedser harbour in Denmark
APATEQ supplies scrubber water treatment technology for Scandlines
MarinePaq will treat wastewater created by the ferries onboard scrubber system (Image: Scandlines Danmark ApS)

By Rebecca Gibson |

Luxembourg-based APATEQ is to develop, build and supply a new compact scrubber water treatment system in Gedser harbour for use by two Scandlines ferries.

The containerised MarinePaq plant will treat the wastewater produced during the exhaust gas cleaning process on Scandlines’ ferries, which operate between Gedser and Rostock in Germany.

Designed to remove particles of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and soot in the ferries’ wastewater, MarinePaq uses proprietary process technologies for high-efficiency primary treatment, followed by ultrafiltration and finally heavy metal extraction processes. This produces an effluent that can be directly discharged into Gedser harbour. Any sludge arising from the treatment will be compacted by an integrated chamber filter press before it is safely disposed in landfill sites.

“As a shipping company, Scandlines has an environmental responsibility,” said Fini Hansen, Scandlines’ technical superintendent. “We want to contribute to the preservation of the fragile marine ecosystem by cleaning our exhaust gases and by only discharging water of the highest quality back into the ocean. APATEQ’s MarinePaq offers a unique solution to discharge the cleaned water, even into the harbour basin.”

The plant will be delivered, installed and commissioned in Gedser in spring 2016.

“We are grateful and proud of the trust Scandlines shows in our new technology and we look forward to the MarinePaq becoming state-of-the-art technology for scrubber water treatment in the future,” said Dirk Martin, APATEQ’s chief sales officer. “Our MarinePaq is the perfect solution for treating scrubber water either directly onboard, or as here, in a compact design at a centralised facility. We will build the MarinePaq for Scandlines in two 40ft containers stacked one on top of the other, ensuring a minimum footprint, an important factor for an installation at an existing harbour.”

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