An expert of interior outfitting for passenger shipping

An expert of interior outfitting for passenger shipping

RNDV Spectrum

RNDV Spectrum’s workforce is regularly trained at the RNDV training centre to maintain its expertise

CFR’s Jon Ingleton spoke to Elžbieta Bortkevič, business development manager of RNDV Spectrum, to learn more about how the company delivers expert outfitting and technical services with flexibility and efficiency.

What products/services does RNDV Spectrum currently provide for cruise and ferry owners?

Elžbieta Bortkevič:  RNDV Spectrum currently provides turnkey solutions for interior outfitting. The company also provides technical installations together with RNDV Group and RNDV Industries.

How does the company’s industrial heritage and expertise help you to improve the services you provide to shipowners?

EB: It has provided us with the capability to expand our services with knowledge and flexibility. Our in-house project management team and workforce are regularly trained in our RNDV training centre, which keeps their general knowledge up to date. We also provide specific simulation training for each of the upcoming projects.

We're also able to offer value engineering for the projects, which enables us to help customers to save on time, weight, money. Additionally, we provide project management based on the lean operation model. This helps with detailed drydock works planning and early phase quality gates, as well as enables customers to follow the ongoing project execution with ease and transparency.

What passenger shipping projects is the company currently working on?

EB: Currently, we are working on projects with the major shipyards in Europe which are specialised in building cruise ships and yachts. We're also providing refurbishment services for ferry and cruise operators. And we're developing new concepts for the industry, further information about which will be announced soon.

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Jon Ingleton
By Jon Ingleton
28 October 2020

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