ABB fits shore power connectors to Holland America ships

ABB fits shore power connectors to Holland America ships
ABB's technology will enable Holland America's ships to use power from shoreside electrical grids while berthed in port (Image: Holland America Line)

ABB has retrofitted its shore power connectors to three Holland America Line cruise ships to enable them to plug in to shoreside electrical grids when docked in ports around the world.

Now, the three ships will be able to turn off their engines and instead power their hotel services using electricity from shoreside grids while berthed in ports that offer this service. Not only will this increase the ships’ energy efficiency, but it will also reduce emissions and noise pollution, minimising their impact on local communities.

Ultimately, Holland America plans to retrofit a total of 11 cruise ships with ABB’s shore power connectors.

“Holland America remains firmly committed to including new technical solutions that truly advance its policy for sustainable operations,” said Orlando Ashford, the brand’s president. “Our ships call at the world’s most beautiful destinations, which is one reason we prioritise environmental responsibility. These ships can now achieve very low emissions while in ports where shore power is available.”

ABB’s solution includes a simplified switchover process, enabling Holland America to seamlessly transition between ship and shore power sources. The technology can also be implemented while the ship is in service to minimise disruption to operations.

“Over the last 13 years, ABB has developed and installed shore power connections for a wide variety of ship types, including cruise vessels, and has extensive practical know-how across a spectrum of power and switchboard configurations,” said Juha Koskela, managing director of ABB Marine & Ports. “We have also reached the point where the full installation can be done during the normal operation of the vessel. For Holland America Line, we completed three turnkey projects simultaneously, covering procurement, engineering, installation and commissioning.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
23 October 2018

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