Sustainable Maritime Interiors Report


Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton
Editor: Rebecca Gibson

Cruise & Ferry’s first-ever Sustainable Maritime Interiors report explores how key stakeholders in the passenger ship interiors industry are working hard to develop innovative new products and services to build greener vessels.

In this report, we share exclusive insights from more than 180 contributors across all interior disciplines to highlight how the sector is working together to accelerate the pace of environmental change in the years ahead.

Executives at cruise and ferry brands, designers, outfitters and representatives from the supplier community cover eco-friendly interiors, supply chain management, finding a better home for waste, and much more.

The report was first released at the sustainability conference session at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in Miami, Florida, in June 2022.

We hope you are as inspired by the read as we are, and we welcome your feedback!

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