International Cruise and Ferry Review Autumn 2015

International Cruise & Ferry Review


Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton

International Cruise & Ferry Review magazine was first launched in the early 1990s and since then has become a trusted and reliable source for news on the passenger shipping industry. In 2011, the title was acquired by Tudor Rose, whose investments have built on the strong foundation, transforming the brand into the definitive resource for decision makers in the cruise and ferry industries.

Via our magazine, website and social networks, we aim to be the world's best supplier of news and insight into the global passenger shipping industries. Our content covers both the cruise and ferry businesses, and provides our audience with insight into building and refurbishment, marine operations, onboard experience, ports and destinations and more.

Now available in digital editions, International Cruise & Ferry Review provides comprehensive passenger shipping news and insight in formats to suit all readers.

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Itinerary Planning

Itinerary Planning


Editor: Rebecca Gibson

The Itinerary Planning Special Report explores how cruise line executives, destination expert, deployment specialists and port authorities work together to create compelling itineraries that attract cruise passengers.

As the cruise industry has matured and new berthing policies and environmental legislation is introduced, cruise lines have been challenged to adapt deployment patterns to keep up with demand. Itinerary planners play a key role in evaluating the appeal and the strategic value of destinations, the shore excursion opportunities and also consider where cruise ships can be berthed easily and cost-effectively at the corresponding ports.

In order to reach a broad audience of industry decision makers, the Itinerary Planning Special Report was published with the Autumn/Winter 2015 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review.

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International Cruise and Ferry Review Spring 2018

Cruise & Ferry Interiors

Editor: Rebecca Gibson

Cruise & Ferry Interiors celebrates the work of the individuals and companies whose creative genius and hard work has resulted in the most expressive and inspired interiors in today’s passenger ships.

The interiors of passenger ships have developed as rapidly as the industry has expanded, providing a crucial element in attracting new passengers, ensuring customer satisfaction and securing repeat business. The creative articulation of a ship’s interior has a key role and it is the designer’s task to offer visual diversions and ambience to delight passengers as well as to encourage a sense of social cohesion onboard.

In order to reach a broader audience of industry decision makers, Cruise & Ferry Interiors will form a bound-in supplement to the September issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review.

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