Cruise & Ferry Review


Spring/Summer 2023

Cruise and Ferry Review Autumn 2021

Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton Editor: Rebecca Gibson

The Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review explores how leaders across the passenger shipping industry have demonstrated innovation and invention, increasing business resilience and agility and advancing progress in areas such as diversity and sustainability.

One such leader is Carnival Corporation’s Josh Weinstein. In his first keynote interview for CFR, he shares why he is focusing on increasing inclusivity, advancing sustainability and finding new and exciting ways to enhance the guest experience. Another is Barbara Muckermann, who explains how teamwork, itinerary innovation, new ships and a guest-centric approach will drive Silversea Cruises’ continued success in our cover story.

Fifteen more executives from ocean, river and expedition cruise lines also share their strategies for success in our Cruise Business section. Notable names include Princess Cruises’ John Padgett, Celebrity Cruises’ Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Explora Journeys’ Michael Ungerer and American Queen Voyages’ Cindy D'Aoust.

Published in association with Interferry, our Ferry Business section opens with a commentary from Mike Corrigan, who describes how Interferry is working with partners to make the industry more sustainable. Some of the other highlights in this section include Yasuo Iritani explaining how SHK Line Group is overcoming various challenges to remain Japan’s leading ferry operator, Matteo Della Valle discussing Grandi Navi Veloci’s customer experience strategy, and Heidi Wolden sharing how Norled plans to become a zero-emission operator.

Elsewhere, Jill Stoneberg discusses Virgin Voyages’ carbon reduction road map, Marcus Puttich details TUI Cruises’ itinerary planning strategy, and Elpi Petraki explains how WISTA International is improving diversity in the maritime industry.

Other highlights include features and reports on environmental performance, new technologies, ports and destinations, interior design, the global order books, cruise ship repair yards, and much more. Plus, we also outline some of the latest updates and key perspectives from organisations across the passenger shipping industry in our Marketwatch section.

There’s plenty more too – enjoy the issue!


Magazine highlights


Josh Weinstein explains why supporting employees, advancing sustainability initiatives and finding innovative ways to enhance the guest experience are his key priorities for Carnival Corporation

Growing a legacy of luxury

Barbara Muckermann explains how teamwork, innovation and a guestcentric approach will enable her to drive Silversea Cruises’ future success

Sustainable visions

Four senior executives from expedition cruise lines discuss how they are meeting environmental goals in 2023

Joining forces for a sustainable future

Mike Corrigan describes how Interferry is joining forces with partners to build a sustainable future for the global ferry industry

Showcasing innovation

The cruise order book outlines the latest updates on new cruise ships set to debut in 2023 and beyond

Setting a more sustainable course

This edition of the annual Green List explores how organisations are helping improve the environmental and operational attributes of ships

Interior endurance

Elly Yates-Roberts highlights a selection of cruise and ferry interiors providers that are helping brands create timeless spaces with solutions that are both budget- and environment-friendly

New in 2023

A selection of ports and destinations outline their new development projects for 2023