Sveba Dahlen

Founded in 1948, Sveba Dahlen provides high-performance, energy-efficient and user-friendly bakery equipment and reliable technology that gives every professional in the baking industry creative freedom at the lowest cost of ownership.

Sveba Dahlen’s marine equipment meets the heavy demands imposed on baking environments at sea. All marine range products are made in stainless steel with surfaces that can be easily cleaned to maintain high hygiene standards. All screws are made without slots to prevent bacteria from adhering to them. Secure cables with extra sealing around cables and pipes prevents water from entering the equipment, and all the cabinets can be welded into the floor. The marine range is equipped with user-friendly, waterproof control panels.

The digitaltouch panels are easy to use and each of the different menus – such as manual baking, pre-programmed baking and service parameters – are easy to access and very logical.


513 82 Fristad


Jonas Berglund
Area Sales Manager Marine
Tel: +46 3315 1505


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