Taking a passenger ship into an uncharted or poorly charted area is challenging – there may be icebergs, whales, lost shipping containers or storm debris in the water columns. To mitigate risks while travelling these challenging waters, companies must go beyond regulations and invest in equipment to ensure the safety of their vessels, passengers and crew.

FarSounder Argos navigation sonars have a range of 1,000 metres and provide a real-time image of the seabed and the water columns ahead of the cruise ship. The image is displayed in both a 3D omni view and a chart view, enabling the bridge crew to identify potential hazards and give them time to adjust course if necessary, so they can sail ahead with confidence. This allows cruise lines to access exclusive destinations easily.


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Cassie Stetkiewicz
Director of Operations
Tel: +1 401 784 6700
Email: sales@farsounder.com
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