Dekotel Coating

Since 2004, Dekotel Coating has provided high-quality, wear-resistant decorative interior materials and design services globally for cruise ships and for other public interior projects. The goal is to transfer any type of visual image to any material without any limitations regarding the image, the material or technical property.

The company’s mission is to find perfect interior solutions to respond the technical requirements of shipbuilding including lightweight, easy-installing, hygienic, easy-to-clean, and International Maritime Organization-approved materials. By these interior materials and design solutions, the goal is to reduce the total material weight, number of combustible materials and shorten installation times. The DEKO product range provides interior materials for indoor, outdoor, food preparation areas, cabins and for wet unit floorings and walls.


Hepolammentie 25
FI-08680 Lohja


Tel: +358 20 773 9390


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