De Jorio Luxury and Yacht Projects

De Jorio Luxury and Yacht Projects (DJL) is a creative design and technical consulting firm, and one of the most innovative in the field of high-level design.

The firm is made up of eight generations of architects and designers that have been trained from 1956 up to today, and it continues to welcome and train new generations of designers influencing the very same sector of interior design thanks to its policy of research and innovation in the field of ideas, aesthetics and creativity. The firm takes pride in belonging to one of the richest and most rigorous architectonic and artistic cultures in the world: the Italian one.

In its long history, DJL has worked on numerous different projects, from the interior design of mega yachts to luxury cruise ships. The firm believes in the didactic role and function of every new project, irrespective of the sector to which it belongs. DJL has always stood for a high qualitative and artistic value in its creations and considered ground for experimentation of new and recognisable formal languages.


Piazza della Vittoria
15/8 - 16121 Genova


Marco de Jorio
Tel: 39 0108 985910-1


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