Daspos is a Danish company that provides durable fire protection solutions for the maritime industry, including a leakage alarm system, the LAS-10 fire prevention solution, an atmospheric oil mist and hydrocarbon detection system for open engine rooms, and the new hot-box detector, H-18.

The LAS-10 fire prevention solution builds on the functionality of the leakage alarm system by delivering a large volume of air flow – 10,000 litres per minute – through a detection chamber and a specially designed filter. The electronics in the detector combine and analyse the content of gasses and oil sprays. If the pressure suddenly increases, it notifies the crew to prevent a dangerous situation occurring because, as its motto states: “The best fires are the ones that never took place.”


Gl. Klausdalsbrovej 495


Lars Gerner
Tel: +45 4432 7767
Email: lg@daspos.com
Web: https://www.daspos.com


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