CR Ocean Engineering

CR Ocean Engineering (CROE) is a supplier of scrubbing systems and carbon capture systems. With roots dating back to 1917 and experience providing thousands of onshore and onboard scrubbers, CROE is one of the most respected and experienced air pollution control companies in the world.

The CROE scrubbing system is designed to be lightweight, small in diameter, highly efficient and cost effective. It has low backpressure, an all-metallic construction, requires no bypass, replaces the silencer and can run dry. The CROE Scrubbing System is available in dry or wet, open-loop (seawater), closed-loop (freshwater) or hybrid configurations. The closed-loop scrubber also comes with a washwater system. The system has been installed on cruise ships, ro-pax and ro-ro ferries, bulk carriers, tankers, container ships and heavy lift vessels.


6 Campus Drive
Suite S101
New Jersey 07054


Dominique Philibert
Dominique Philibert, President and Chief Operations Officer
Tel: +1 973 455 0005


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