What are the top five steps to interior refit success?

Trimline's Mike Oliver shares what operators should consider when choosing a contractor 

What are the top five steps to interior refit success?
Trimline recently renovated the Blue Room onboard P&O Cruises Australia's Pacific Explorer (Image: Trimline)

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Based in Southampton, UK, Trimline has almost 53 years’ experience in the marine interior refurbishment market and this has taught our company a lot when it comes carrying out successful projects onboard cruise ships and ferries. But what are the top five factors passenger shipping operators should consider when selecting an interior contractor for their renovation projects? We suggest they ask:

1. Are they a trusted partner?
When selecting a contractor to undertake the interior refit of a vessel it’s vital operators choose a company they can trust that has an excellent track record of delivering success. Anything can happen on a refit, so to reduce risk it’s important to select a contractor with a strong heritage that has worked on a diverse array of complex and demanding projects over the years. They should also be able to apply their experience to craft innovative solutions for your refit.

2. Have they planned for success?
Planning for success means running a tight ship on dry land, as well as onboard. From the project managers and designers to the resource experts and foremen, every member of the contractor’s team must be experienced in, and dedicated to, creating world-class interiors. It’s important to ensure that the contractor’s logistics team is experienced in ensuring all items required for the project are delivered to site in a timely manner. They must also have a ready supply of resources to deliver a quality output.

3. Will they keep you informed throughout the whole process?
A close collaboration between the contractor and client is instrumental in delivering an end result that exceeds expectations. By having an open and honest relationship with their contractor from concept to conclusion, cruise and ferry operators can be assured that any issues are identified and solved in a timely manner.

4. Can you rely on them to do a first-class job on time?
By checking out the contractor’s previous work and what their other clients say about them, passenger shipping operators can judge if they can be trusted to provide the highest quality work and results. A contractor that takes care of every part of the process and prides themselves on many long-lasting partnerships formed over the years is a testament to their guaranteed reliability.

5. Are quality standards central to everything they do?
No matter how complex and demanding the project is, the quality of the project managers, designers and manufacturing centre should be monitored at every stage to ensure that they are working to the highest industry standards, and have a passion for perfection at the heart of everything they do.

Mike Oliver is co-chairman of Trimline

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