MARSS receives patent for man-overboard safety and support system

MARSS receives patent for man-overboard safety and support system


The MOBtronic system automatically detects object falling from the side of a large vessel

MARSS Group has received a patent for its MOBtronic man-overboard system, which processes various pieces of data to confirm if someone has fallen overboard.

Each self-contained MOBtronic unit automatically detects, classifies and alerts crew to objects falling from large vessels using a combination of micro-radars, infrared cameras and video analytics powered by artificial intelligence technology. The sensors analyse the speed, fall direction and shape of falling objects, while independent visual sensors confirm the incident. When all these criteria are met, the crew is alerted to the incident, with the system automatically tracking and predicting an individual’s location in the water based on wind and currents. The system can also detect objects scaling the sides of a vessel to protect against intrusion at sea or while docked.

The solution was developed in response to legal requirements in the USA for technology to detect and alert crew in potential passenger overboard incidents.

“Prior to publication of 2020 ISO 21195 standard there was a regulatory vacuum surrounding proper man-overboard safety practices on cruise ships,” said Johannes Pinl, founder and CEO of MARSS. “Since those regulations were put in place technology has been slow to catch up and the cruise industry has been crying out for fit-for-purpose solutions. The patenting of our MOBtronic system, a completely purpose-built solution, and our efforts to become ISO accredited, signifies the start of a new level of cruise passenger safety.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
26 November 2020

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