Marella Cruises revamps The Glass House on Marella Discovery

The indoor pool and dining venue has been redesigned to evoke the feel of a modern beach club
Marella Cruises revamps The Glass House on Marella Discovery

Marella Cruises

The Glass House has been redesigned to offer a modern beach club style

By Rebecca Gibson |

Marella Cruises has fully revamped The Glass House, an indoor pool and dining venue onboard Marella Discovery.

Previously decorated in a Greco-Roman style, the venue now offers a modern “beach club vibe”, which has been created by the addition of cabana sunbeds, sun loungers, shutter-style room dividers and new dining tables, sofas, chairs, pool tiling, wall coverings and flooring. A new lighting system will enable Marella Cruises to alter the lighting throughout the day to create different ambiences.

The Glass House menu has also been updated to include deli-style meal choices during the day and casual tapas-style dishes in the evening.

“We’re delighted with the refurbishment of The Glass House on Marella Discovery,” said Chris Hackney, managing director of Marella Cruises. “We’re always thinking of ways we can make the experience onboard even better for our customers and the revamped space offers the perfect spot for a poolside drink during the day or a laid-back dining option by night.”

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