Knud E. Hansen announces new Phoenix World Village design

Knud E. Hansen announces new Phoenix World Village design
Knud E. Hansen
The expedition cruise ship is aimed at the adventure cruise market

Marine consultancy Knud E. Hanson has designed a new concept expedition cruise ship named Phoenix World Village.

The vessel is the smaller sister ship to the Phoenix World City design from the 1980s and is intended to accommodate up to 400 passengers. It features an unconventional layout, with separate forward and aft accommodation blocks on either side of an open deck featuring public space. The concept ship also features a diesel-electric propulsion system with four medium-speed diesel generators.

Most passenger cabins will have private balconies with ocean views. They will also feature Knud E. Hanson’s ‘Flex Cabin System’, which allows cabin walls to be reconfigured between sailings to convert a single, luxury suite into two separate cabins. This allows the operator to maximise revenue based on demand.

Experts in disease prevention and control were involved in the design to ensure the ship would be safe for passengers. Other companies were also involved, including Hvacon Marine Systems, which will provide its Hvacon Force System to improve the ship’s efficiency by reducing power consumption and energy loss. HVAC technology company Halton is providing a package of solutions to ensure clean air throughout the vessel.  Finally, healthcare services provider Vikand will install its Hygensea solution for disinfecting air and surfaces, which uses hydroxyl technology to recreate outdoor air in an indoor environment.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
17 June 2020

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