IMO: addressing the mandatory ‘Single Window’ policy for ports

Hybrid event will focus on improving data exchange in a digital environment

IMO: addressing the mandatory ‘Single Window’ policy for ports


The hybrid event will cover the ‘Single Window’ policy, which encourages ship operators to share data though a single portal when visiting ports

By Alice Chambers |

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is hosting a hybrid conference focused on the ‘Single Window’ for data exchange, which will become mandatory in ports around the world from 1 January 2024. The event will take place at the IMO Headquarters in London, UK, as well as remotely on the IMOHQ YouTube Channel.

The event will focus on the digitisation of the maritime industry, with the aim of finding ways to help the industry reduce errors when sharing data about vessels entering and leaving ports. IMO invites attendees from governments, port authorities and industry associations, as well as shipowners and solution providers.

IMO has required data to be exchanged electronically between ships’ reporting parties since 2019 and recommends the ‘Single Window’ policy where data is shared through a single portal without duplication for easier distribution.

During the event, delegates from IMO will discuss how the IMO Data Set and IMO Data Model can help ship operators to exchange data quickly and easily. They will also address port call data requirements, data quality and how to apply industry standards to improve the maritime sector.

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