CruiseCopenhagen develops 2024 strategy for sustainable growth

CruiseCopenhagen develops 2024 strategy for sustainable growth

Thomas Høyrup Christensen

The strategy will aim to build support for sustainable cruising among local communities

CruiseCopenhagen has developed a new 2024 strategy for sustainable growth, based around the framework of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

The board has prioritised three guiding goals within the strategy: affordable and clean energy; sustainable cities and communities; and communities and partnerships for the goals. These goals will be pursued by aiming to deliver more effectful marketing, focused involvement of the local communities, an improved image and better guest experiences. 

“To embark on this journey, we need to establish partnerships that contribute to sustainable cruise tourism and promote the network's current sustainability efforts,” said Claus Bødker, director of CruiseCopenhagen. “To do so, we will do a mapping of the efforts of our partners and make agreements with relevant sustainable companies.” 

An analysis of the support for cruising among the local community will accompany this mapping. One opinion that CruiseCopenhagen has already identified is that cruise guests do not spend large amounts of money during their stay in the city. 

“The truth is that the cruise industry contributes to €168 million ($189 million) annually,” said Bødker. “We need to change the narrative and tell the real story about cruise tourism in all of Denmark. This also applies to perceptions about the emissions of cruises – we back onshore power supply, but we realise that it is not possible in each port without public funding. We cannot stress enough that sustainability is highest on the agenda in the cruise industry.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
26 November 2021

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