CroisiEurope offers accommodation for healthcare workers

CroisiEurope offers accommodation for healthcare workers
CroisiEurope’s Cyrano de Bergerac berthed in Bordeaux (Image : D Trentacota – Cruise Bordeaux)

Cruise Bordeaux, the port of Bordeaux, the city of Bordeaux and the Regional Health Agency have teamed up with CroisiEurope to provide healthcare workers with free accommodation onboard a river cruise ship during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Docked in the centre of Bordeaux on the Garonne river, CroisiEurope’s Cyrano de Bergerac has 87 cabins, allowing her to safely accommodate a maximum of 25 doctors, nurses and other caregivers who need to isolate from their families. Since 10 April, the healthcare workers have been given 24/7 access to the ship, free meals and a parking spot near the vessel.

CroisiEurope has also provided free accommodation to healthcare workers onboard Botticelli, which is docked in Paris, France.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
16 April 2020

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