Brittany Ferries launches new logo to reflect the service’s experience

Brittany Ferries launches new logo to reflect the service’s experience
Brittany Ferries’ new logo will be added to all ferries and rolled out across the company in 2019 (Image: Brittany Ferries)

France-based operator Brittany Ferries will be adding a new blue, orange and green logo to all ships in its fleet. 

The new logo  is designed to evoke the seas, landscapes and skies of the holiday regions Brittany Ferries serves. It is part of multi-million euro future-proofing project, which will also see the company building three brand new ships that are due to join the fleet in 2019, 2021 and 2022. A wide-ranging digital transformation programme is also underway, aimed at enhancing every aspect of the customer experience, from booking to returning home.

“We last evolved our logo 15 years ago and so much has changed in that time – for example we now live in a digital world,” said Florence Gourdon, marketing director of Brittany Ferries. “While the previous logo fully communicated the reliability and trustworthiness of our ferry service, it didn’t fully embody the emotional side of travelling and holidaying with Brittany Ferries and the discoveries inherent in the fabulous destinations we serve.

This new look stands for everything that makes our brand: the quality of our products and services, the passion, pride and professionalism of our teams, and our bright future with brand new ships and rich experiences on the horizon.”

Brittany Ferries’ new logo has been added to Armorique and Pont-Aven, both of which are currently undergoing winter refits. It will be rolled out throughout 2019 across all the fleet’s ships, onshore sites and marketing and operations collateral. 


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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
22 November 2018

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