Itinerary Planning

Special Report 2016

International Cruise and Ferry Review Spring 2016

Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton
Editor: Lindsay James

Published alongside the Autumn/Winter 2016 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review, this year’s Itinerary Planning Special Report brings together insight from the biggest names across the industry.

According to Ugo Savino, Carnival Cruise Line’s fleet deployment manager, itinerary planning is a careful science that takes years to master. In his keynote article, he explains how Carnival’s success boils down to three things – communication, analysis, and innovation. For Anita Jane Hodson of Crystal Cruises, itinerary planning success is all about collaboration. “Claudius Docekal and I bounce a lot of ideas off each other while creating cruises, and the different perspectives help create an amazing experience for our guests,” she explains in our exclusive interview on page 29. Meanwhile, Holland America Line’s Linda Springmann focuses on data and analytics. Read more on page 25. Also in this issue, cruise associations from across the globe tell us what they would like to see cruise lines doing better in order to support their members and to help them achieve their cruise industry goals. And, in our special roundtable, representatives from leading cruise lines tells us what to expect from their itineraries in the year ahead. Shorex companies and tourist boards tell us about the current trends in shore excursions in our report on page 20. And don’t miss this issue’s cover story, where Greater Victoria Harbour Authority’s CEO Ian Robertson tells us what it takes to remain a popular destination.

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Magazine highlights


Carnival Cruise Line’s Ugo Savino explains why successful itinerary planning is an art that requires years of experience

Cruise Association Trends

Cruise associations from across the globe explain what cruise lines need to do better

Cover story

Ian Robertson explains what makes Greater Victoria so special


Representatives from leading cruise lines discuss the challenge of creating original and exciting itineraries


Shorex companies and tourist boards share current trends in excursions

The importance of offering new experiences

Martin Lister from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines shares his thoughts

Understanding what customer need

The challenges according to Linda Springmann of Holland America Line

Chinese ports are expanding

Alan Buckelew from Carnival Corporation & plc provides the all details

Creating exceptional experiences

There's a need for collaboration, says Anita Jane Hodson from Crystal Cruises

Cruise Europe disembarks in Dublin

An overview of the key learnings

Lessons from Odessa

Highlights from the MedCruise General Assembly