Ferry Business

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Autumn/Winter 2022

Ferry Business Spring/Summer 2022

Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton
Editor: Rebecca Gibson

Published in association with Interferry, the Ferry Business section of the Autumn/Winter 2022 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review offers insights from brand executives and other key stakeholders in the global ferry industry.

As always, the section opens with a commentary from Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan, who outlines the key challenges the global trade association is addressing via an intensive lobbying campaign and conference programme. Elsewhere, regulatory affairs director Johan Roos explains why Interferry is pushing the International Maritime Organization to update the Carbon Intensity Indicator regulation.

Another highlight is our Featured Interview with Washington State Ferries’ Patty Rubstello, who discusses staffing issues and how the US operator plans to rejuvenate its fleet and implement hybrid-electric propulsion.

In addition, Carsten Nørland discloses how Scandlines is delivering improved environmental performance in a challenging marketplace, Peter Hebblethwaite addresses the recent controversy surrounding P&O Ferries, and Matthias Pahnke shares why he is confident FRS Clipper and the wider ferry industry has a bright future. Plus, Peter Broadhurst describes how Inmarsat’s new Fleet Safety solution makes it easier for crew members to address safety incidents.

Michael Grey concludes the section with a commentary exploring how ferry services can be used to drive socio-economic growth for both island and mainland communities.

Enjoy the issue!

Magazine highlights

A new standard

Peter Broadhurst talks with Alex Smith about safety in the shipping industry and how Inmarsat’s new Fleet Safety solution can help improve crews’ ability to address incidents

Power and people – ensuring the future success of ferries

Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan outlines the key challenges being addressed by the global trade association in an intensive lobbying campaign and conference programme

The value of an efficient ferry link

Many people regard ferry services as merely a mode of transport, but stakeholders should consider how they can be used to drive socio-economic improvements for the communities at both ends of the service