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Spring/Summer 2019

Ferry Business Spring/Summer 2019

Executive Editor: Jon Ingleton
Editor: Rebecca Gibson

Published in association with Interferry, the Ferry Business section of the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review is packed with executive interviews.

Ferry Business opens with a commentary from Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan who highlights the latest activities the association has embarked on to help the global ferry sector overcome key issues. Next up is a roundtable where director of Shipshape Consulting Simon Johnson asks the leaders of BC Ferries, Brittany Ferries, Red Funnel and Stena Line about their initiatives for reducing their environmental Impact.

Elsewhere, Niels Smedegaard tells us how preparing for a no-deal Brexit will help DFDS improve passenger services, while Andrew Sheen talks about Irish Ferries’ investments in new ships and routes. Dan Bridgett explains how Dufry is helping P&O Ferries with its comprehensive customer experience improvement strategy. Plus, David Gudgel shares the secrets behind Clipper Navigation’s success since it became the first to operate a high-speed catamaran in North America 32 years ago.

Closing Ferry Business, William MacLachlan from international law firm HFW offers a legal perspective on the impact of Brexit on UK- and Ireland-based ferry operators, and industry expert Michael Grey weighs up the pros and cons of cabotage.

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Magazine highlights

An uncertain future

HFW’s William MacLachlan comments on the impact of Brexit uncertainty on the ferry operators serving the UK and Ireland

Increasing capacity

Andrew Sheen talks with Justin Merrigan about Irish Ferries’ new ships, and its improved services and routes to Britain and France

Staying confident in uncertain times

Niels Smedegaard tells David Mott how preparing for a no-deal Brexit will help DFDS to improve services for both its passenger and freight businesses

Sustainable future

Simon Johnson, director of Shipshape Consulting, asks four ferry operators to outline their initiatives for reducing the environmental impact of their fleets 98 Staying confident in uncertain

The fight over the ferry berth

Michael Grey weighs up the pros and cons of cabotage in oceans around the world

Trailblazing catamarans

David Gudgel explains to Sandra Speares how Clipper Navigation has grown in strength since becoming the first to operate a high-speed catamaran in North America

Transforming onboard

Dan Bridgett from P&O Ferries tells Jacqui Griffiths how the company’s recent agreement with Dufry contributes to a comprehensive customer experience strategy

Working to make a difference

Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan reflects on a hectic round of activity devoted to crucial industry issues