Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

125 Magicman’s technicians are able to work around the world thanks to its global stores of stock Photo: credit carrying out tasks. We request that the ship’s management team completes a post-project survey and that this is sent back to the client with our invoice, enabling the client to monitor our performance and ensure standards are maintained.” Magicman ensures that it is equipped and ready to provide its repair services in multiple locations around the world, enabling its technicians to jump into action as quickly as possible. Its experience onboard a wide variety of vessels and partnerships with several passenger ship owners also help to make its operations more efficient. “Magicman has stock – both plant and consumables – in Europe, USA and the Far East, ready to be deployed,” says Henderson. “With our long-term partnerships, we also often find ourselves working on the same ship or type of vessel, which helps to make projects run more quickly and smoothly. Our quickest intervention was seven days from enquiry to arrival onboard the vessel.” As Magicman looks forward to future projects, it is aiming to further expand the scale and distribution of its services. According to Henderson, the company is seeing a continually growing demand from its clients. “Opportunity is borne of service, and I am glad to say that we receive almost daily requests for our services from both existing and new clients,” he says. “Magicman is now engaging directly with other contractors and shipyards who require our services to help in their own service delivery. We hope to not only maintain our excellent record of service but also to extend it to more European and worldwide destinations. This will enable us to continue the “repair not replace” ethos and help sustainable maintenance and proven value extend even further across the globe.”