Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

126 FEATURE Avoiding bad weather at sea Navimeteo’s team of expert forecasters use its operational weather centre to provide 24/7 monitoring services and help cruise and ferry lines navigate away from inclement conditions To navigate and operate their passenger vessels safely, it is critical for shipowners to understand the weather at sea. Navimeteo is a 24/7 operational weather centre designed to support navigation and maritime activities. The service, which uses modern technologies and systems to provide accurate forecasts, is managed by an expert team of weather forecasters who are skilled in forecasting techniques and have many years of experience. Numerous cruise ships around the world and ferry fleets in the Mediterranean are constantly connected with Navimeteo, which helps them to carefully monitor the ever-evolving marine weather conditions and operate safely. Richard Humphreys outlines some of the services, solutions and initiatives that are designed to help passenger ship operators mitigate risk to keep their vessels operational and their passengers and crew safe Ensuring maritime safety Photo: Willy De Masi