Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

49 “Atlas Ocean Voyages is committed to preserving and sustaining the remote and captivating destinations where we sail. Our newly constructed small, luxury expedition ship, World Navigator, launched in August 2021, incorporates the most modern technology to help minimise the ship environmental impact. World Navigator only bunkers the lowest sulphur marine fuel, and a Rolls Royce hybrid power generation and management system delivers maximum fuel efficiency by consuming as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional engines. The ship also repurposes, recycles and reclaims all waste, and a scrubber system in the funnel minimises emission particulates, a technology unique for a small ship the size of World Navigator (9,930 GRT). Furthermore, World Navigator is also the first cruise ship to utilise hydro jet propulsion, which minimises underwater noise and stress on marine wildlife.” – Alberto Aliberti, President of Atlas Ocean Voyages “When it comes to the sustainable design of our ships, we minimise our carbon footprint with necessary treatment plants built into the ship design whilst ensuring environment protection for the rivers. Furthermore, we also practice our interior eco-chic design style by using natural materials local to the region. Since the very beginning, Assam Bengal Navigation Co. has been an advocate of conscious luxury travel. We have always carefully considered how our actions impact the wellbeing of our guests, our community and the environment. In celebrating the local cultural style, aesthetic and lifestyle, we are able to support a variety of local artisans, designers, weavers and craftsmen hamlets. It is not just about the design that reflects a sense of homecoming to the regions of Assam and Bengal, it is the fact that local communities benefit whilst keeping our local crew proud of what they represent as brand ambassadors. Our vessels are decked in antiques, handlooms, bamboo panels and cane furniture that have been crafted by hand by a coterie of local artisanal communities that we have been supporting for over 15 years now.” – Antara Phookan, Director of Business Development and Interior Designer, Assam Bengal Navigation Co.