Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

50 “The only way to achieve sustainability in our industry is by creating a cycle that is self-sufficient. We do this through fuel efficiency, reduced engine and energy emissions, sourcing environmentally friendly and ethically produced materials for our vessel design and innovative waste management. Our latest custom-built river vessel, the Aqua Nera, pushes the boundaries of what sustainable tourism means in expedition cruising with the use of efficient energy sources and recyclable innovative materials across the vessel. These include 25m2 high-performing solar panels to power internal and external illumination of the Top Deck; the use of RESYSTA – a material consisting of 60 per cent rice husk (agricultural waste product) – for all external flooring, cladding and handrails; and carpets made out of 100 per cent recycled PET plastic bottles and other pre-consumer fibre waste and postconsumer plastic. With the introduction of a second expedition vessel in the Peruvian Amazon, our consolidation in the region is accompanied by an even stronger commitment to the precious Amazon River ecosystem. Elements such as sustainably sourced wood and large solar panels are integrated harmoniously into Aqua Nera’s design, ensuring we use materials that are not only beautiful and functional, but also respectful to the environment, a continuation of our brand philosophy.” – Francesco Galli Zugaro, CEO & Founder, Aqua Expeditions “The vibrant and beautiful natural surroundings of the world’s rivers are a benefit of river cruising and Avalon Waterways is dedicated to preserving this precious environment. Over the last decade, we have made great strides investing in a state-of-the-art fleet of Suite Ships and top-of-the-line technology to limit energy consumption and emissions; plus waste and recycling programmes to reduce our environmental footprint, save water and foster a sustainability culture among crew and guests worldwide. This past season, our entire fleet was outfitted with BeWell water stations, replacing plastic water bottles with an endless supply of flavoured and vitamin waters – great for Mother Nature and for our guests. And future ship design will play a major role in these efforts, as we look to new and innovative ways to lessen environmental impact, including options for electric power sources and sustainable fuels.” – Steve Born, Chief Marketing Officer, Globus family of brands (Avalon Waterways) “BC Ferries is always looking for innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment and use sustainable products. We are in the planning stages to build new major vessels to replace some of our older ships. These vessels are expected to be quieter, more energy efficient, and have a lighter carbon footprint than any major ship that we have ever built. We strive to build ships that will deliver enhanced environmental sustainability and offer flexibility to meet changing travel demands in the future.” – BC Ferries COMMI TMENT