Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

48 Many cruise lines and ferry operators have made public statements demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, as presented on the following pages. “As a Danish company leading the Expedition Cruise segment in sustainability, we love to apply Scandinavian designs focusing on functionality, simplicity and craftsmanship, using as much as possible natural materials (with natural colours – no dyes), aiming to reduce waste and minimising energy consumption.” – Hans Lagerweij, former President, Albatros International “As innovators of the US cruise industry, American Cruise Lines has an obligation to protect the environments we explore, through socially responsible and eco-friendly practices. For decades, we have designed and constructed all our 100 to 200-passenger ships with a ‘green’ forward approach, building the most environmentally friendly fleet of modern riverboats and small cruise ships in the US. From the waterways we cruise to the port cities we visit, we pride ourselves on our continual conservation efforts through local partnerships, emissions reduction, sustainable product sourcing, onboard recycling programmes, and design strategies which reduce water and energy consumption. The rivers, bays, lakes and coastlines we cruise are some of America’s most pristine. We are committed to keeping them that way for generations to come. When you cruise with American Cruise Lines, you always cruise small, local and green.” – Alexa Paolella, Public Relations Manager, American Cruise Lines “As a small-scale operator of boutique expeditions to the White Continent, Antarctica21 takes great care in minimising its environmental impact. While our main areas of focus are energy efficiency and strict operational standards, we recognise the significant opportunity offered by sustainable interior design. We are especially attracted by the offers of artisanal producers. When exceptional craftsmanship marries sustainable production methods, guests enjoy a distinctive and exclusive experience, traditional skills are supported, and the planet benefits.” – Diana Galimberti, Executive Vice President, Product and Operations, Antarctica21 COMMI TMENT Cruise and ferry commitment statements