Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

147 “The central pillars of outstanding hotel operations when it comes to the dining experience is consistency of operation, food quality and food delivery. Through the continual monitoring of equipment and the latest equipment software updates, Welbilt Marine helps ship operators to keep costs low and performance high. Created to reduce downtime and maximise the lifespan of the equipment, our GalleyCare provides ongoing assessment and monitoring of galley equipment throughout their lifetime.” Nicolas Lesbats Sales Manager, Global Marine After-Sales, Welbilt Marine Hanna Långström Vice President, Marketing, Almaco Nick Farrell Co-owner, Trimline “Making relevant information accessible to the hotel operations teams after our refits is vital to help them maintain high-quality service delivery to cruise passengers. As one example, our TAPP system provides easy access to cleaning instructions and material datasheets, indexed by ship area and space. This means the onboard hotel team has access to live information on all of the materials we have installed so they can maintain the areas to the highest possible standards. Having instantly accessible records of all materials used in a space also helps down the line when it comes to refitting other ships in their fleet.” “We believe that outstanding service on cruise ships starts with ensuring that guests enjoy themselves as much as possible. This means cosy cabins, delicious and unique dining options, and a sense of high-quality service. Once this foundation is set, we add extra elements like special services, innovative ideas, and exciting themes to enhance the experience. We’ve noticed that cruise concepts focused on learning, awareness, personal growth, and adventure are becoming more popular. Onboard hotel teams that help to provide personalised programmes, ecofriendly trips, cultural immersions, and educational voyages will ensure that guests have memorable experiences.”