Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2023

“To deliver outstanding hotel operations, passenger ship operators must focus on providing a deeply personalised level of service and memorable experiences for guests, all within an authentic interior setting. At The Deluxe Group, we have assisted clients in spatial storytelling, creating interiors that weave a narrative throughout food and drink offerings from The 40 Elephants Bar in London, UK, where every cocktail tells a story and the interiors contain hints to the notorious London female criminal gang of its namesake, to dining experiences where guests are ‘shrunk’ in size amongst jam jar lids that function as tables in a larger-than-life eatery. We can provide similar design and bespoke fabrication for cruise ships too.” FEATURE Karen Argue Business Development Manager, The Deluxe Group “As designers, we can use our expertise to help elevate the quality of hotel operations and service delivery on cruise ships by using thoughtful interior design and integrating technologies to optimise the guest experience. We can prioritise sustainability and safety, design efficient spaces, and promote cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. By focusing on aesthetics, flexibility and eco-friendly initiatives, we enhance the overall cruise experience, contributing to increased guest satisfaction and the success of the cruise industry.” Debra Breslauer Vice President, Design, Tomas Tillberg Design “Today, every cruise brand aims to offer luxury hotel services for their guests. To deliver outstanding hotel operations, cruise lines must keep in mind customers’ expectations, especially when planning interior layouts during the engineering and construction phase. At Gerolamo Scorza, we offer innovative products and efficient production methods to help them achieve this goal. For example, we recently completed outfitting work onboard Oceania Cruises’ luxury vessel Allura and Seabourn’s ultraluxury expedition cruise ship Seabourn Pursuit, ensuring that we met diverse quality standards across all the public spaces.” 146 Isadora Corazzo Administrative and Technical Officer, Gerolamo Scorza