Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

2 9 6 6. Coral Marine FR Coral Marine FR, produced by Forbo Flooring Systems, is an International Maritime Organization-certified textile entrance system, which can be used for entrance and circulation areas, simultaneously absorbing moisture and removing up to 95 per cent of dirt and moisture. This effective entrance system reduces premature wear and tear to interior floor coverings, minimising maintenance costs and protecting passengers by reducing slip hazards. Made from 60 per cent wool and 40 per cent polyamide mix, Coral Marine FR is available in eight contemporary colourways, all of which are stocked for quick shipment. 4. Pyramare FR3 Brombach + Gess’s new glued fireresistant glazing system can be set within its frame for emergency escape routes and lifeboat collecting stations on passenger ships. Named Pyramare FR3, the system comprises a glass external pressure pane, which can absorb high levels of wave impact, and an internal pane, which foams in the event of a fire to insulate against heat. The solution is also significantly more weatherproof than bolted solutions as it can be glued directly to the ship’s structure without additional steel frames to hold and secure the glass. 5. Forest Group’s DS-XL LED Motorised track system Motorised curtains are a great match for the ultimate cruise ship luxury experience. The DS-XL LED Motorised track system is the latest innovation of Forest Group, manufacturer of worldwide distributed drapery hardware systems. Recognised with the Red Dot Award 2021 for its product design, this unique motorised curtain track system provides maximum comfort and combines a stylish design with a unique way of lighting. Controlling the curtains and integrated LED lighting by remote control, app or building automation system helps to improve the customer experience on cruise ships. 5 4