Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

3 0 MARKETWATCH • Opt for city breaks rather than the uncrowded holiday destinations they visited in 2020 and 2021 • Be more likely to treat themselves with a big trip after months of restrictions • Enjoy more live entertainment • Be more likely to choose convenient travel packages • Use their mobile phones less whilst exploring destinations, engaging with locals rather than using Google Maps and TripAdvisor to decide where to visit • Seek holidays that generate a positive impact on nature and the local communities they visit • Prioritise exercise and well-being whilst on holiday by undertaking activities such as counting steps and using gym and spa facilities • Have more dietary requirements in comparison to previous years, including the need for dairy-free, gluten-free and meat-free options • Consider a ‘workation’ where they can work onboard cruise ships whilst exploring the world Royal Caribbean International predicts that in 2022, travellers will: How will travel change in 2022? Ecuador is to create a new marine reserve in the Galapagos Islands, expanding the total protected marine area in the archipelago by 45 per cent to 193,000 square kilometres. Guillermo Lasso, president of Ecuador, signed the decree in the Galapagos Islands on 14 January 2022. The order was signed during a ceremony attended by Ivan Duque, president of Colombia; foreign ministers of Panama and Costa Rica; and Bill Clinton, former President of the USA. Following COP26 in Glasgow, UK, in November 2021, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica have all committed to working together to create an expansive marine corridor between their countries. The decree safeguards local wildlife by prohibiting extractive activities such as fishing and mooring. The ‘ocean highway’ will connect Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands with the Galapagos Islands and protect millions of sea turtles, whales, sharks and rays who migrate through this route every year. “There are places that have made a mark on the history of humanity and today we have the honour of being in one of those places,” said Lasso. “These islands that welcome us have taught us many things about ourselves. So, instead of acting as the absolute masters of these lands and seas, shouldn’t we act as their protectors?” Marine protection expanded in Galapagos Image: Metropolitan Touring No long-line: 30,000km2 Newly expanded Galapagos Marine Reserve: 193,000 km2 No take: 30,000 km2 Cocos Island Marine Reserve ‘Brotherhood’ Galapagos Marine Reserve Exclusive Economic Zone Insular Ecuador Exclusive Economic Zone Costa Rica Exclusive Economic Zone Colombia Exclusive Economic Zone Panama Exclusive Economic Zone Continental Ecuador Galapagos Marine Reserve Galapagos Cocos Island Ecuador Peru Colombia Panama Costa Rica His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler’s representative in the Al Dhafra region, has inaugurated AD Ports Group’s new cruise jetty at Sir Bani Yas Cruise Beach in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The new jetty is equipped with eight mooring dolphins, firefighting equipment and solar lighting, and will allow two vessels to dock at Sir Bani Yas Cruise Island at the same time. Previously, cruise ships anchored around one kilometre offshore from the island and guests were ferried to and from the beach via tender craft. AD Ports Group inaugurates cruise jetty at Sir Bani Yas Cruise Beach