Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

2 8 MARKETWATCH Showcasing great design Product picks 1 CFR highlights some of the innovative products improving the onboard experience for both guests and crew 3. Wanzl KT3 laundry trolley The KT3 laundry trolley from Wanzl makes it easy for crew members to sort, store and transport linen onboard cruise ships. The foldable push handles and fifth castor allow easy and comfortable handling in confined spaces. Meanwhile, the movable and foldable shelves can be individually adjusted to transport linen to the decks and placed into storage rooms. The cabin steward trolleys can also be efficiently loaded and made ready for different types of use. When the shelves are folded down, the KT3 trolley can be used to bring back used linen and towels to the laundry. 1. WMF 9000 F automatic filter coffee machine The WMF 9000 F automatic filter coffee machine accommodates large quantities of coffee and water. The machine can be customised with an integrated fourlitre storage container for dispensing, ground coffee portioner for up to 3.8 kilogrammes of coffee, a manual insert for a second type of coffee, and an adjustable hot water dispenser. The WMF 9000 F can be used for both self-service and serviced operation, offering an output of up to 500 cups per hour. The maximum storage time and automatic post-brewing quantity can be set by the user to ensure the perfect coffee experience without having to wait around. 2 Hera LED Basic Tape COB-4 Optimal LED lighting is essential for aesthetics, especially onboard cruise ships. Hera’s new energy-efficient LED Basic Tape COB-4 strip light can be operated without fixtures to cover and protect it, so that the LEDs are only visible once switched on. This makes it ideal for architectural and space-saving applications. The strip light is four millimetres wide and provides approximately 120 lumens per watt with a colour rendering index of more than 90, making it well suited for both bright and decorative lighting solutions. The continuous phosphor layer means that the tape can also be cleaned and used regularly. 2 3