Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 0 1 dining and entertainment areas. For example, we created casual and quickservice venues for breakfast and lunch across the different zones on lower decks in addition to the offerings guests would typically find on our upper decks from other classes of ships. Many of our ships have one main theatre for large-scale entertainment, whereas Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration, our latest ship that will debut in November 2022, feature Center Stage, a performance venue that is part of our innovative centrally located threedeck-high atrium. Also, there is a 900seat main theatre situated at the forward end of the vessel. For Carnival Celebration, we also took some novel approaches to the general arrangement. For example, we placed our atrium on the starboard side of the ship versus the middle, which allowed us to create an environment where guests can enjoy unobstructed ocean views through 3,000 square feet of glass by day, and large-scale entertainment by night. This is all while allowing guests to freely circulate through the zone using the main promenade on the port side. CFI Ben Clement is senior vice president of newbuild, refurbishment and product innovation at Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Celebration, which will debut in November 2022, will feature a three-deck-high atrium